Sunday, September 30, 2012

Peace, Lunch and Dominick's

So, today was spent getting the kiddos ready for their first day of school tomorrow and getting our garage ready for the multitude of boxes that are going to be living in it as of Tuesday.  I am talking about A LOT of boxes.  Ugh.  Downsizing sounded so wonderful there for a minute; now the work begins.

In my family, we honor birthdays.  We really honor them.  We don't just do a cake and a gift.  We do a weekend (or if we are lucky, a week or so) of the honoring.  Yesterday, Abs said to Dan, "This is Mommy's birthday weekend, Daddy, so she should choose what we do all weekend."  You should have seen the look on his face - priceless.  And scared s***less.  Safe to assume that this snuck up on him. Anyway, we went to Oktoberfest in Libertyville last night.  There was much dancing and eating and drinking and playing to be done by the whole family.  Fun!  We also went to the mall.  Hear the angels singing??  It was lovely.  I went to Loft (one of my all time favorite stores) and got two pairs of pants.  I will show you these later this week.

Today, we went to Red Robin for dinner (Mommy's choice) and had the best dinner.  I love that place.  There is nothing like their strawberry lemonade - Jules tried it for the first time today and liked it a ton.  Like mother, like daughter.  Although I have to admit, I was having a caffeine headache and drank diet Coke instead.  I still sipped her drink, though.

The girls and I went grocery shopping for lunch supplies today.  We went here.

 I believe that this store is part of the Safeway chain - is this right?  It is a nice enough grocery store, for sure.  It has nice, wide aisles, international foods, a great deli/sushi/salad bar/bakery area, and friendly cashiers.  I could not find the Laughing Cow cheese wedges or the cheese cubes, which I am sure is due to user error.  The cashier that we had (Brian) was very friendly.  One of the 8 packs of juice boxes that I bought fell apart in his hands (the shrink wrap had ripped along a seam) so he did not charge me for it!!  An 8 pack of organic juice boxes for free!  Yippee!!  I would recommend this store, so long as you do not have any specialty items.  Organics are alongside regular food (but in the same area as the food should be - organic mac and cheese right next to Kraft mac and cheese), which takes some getting used to.  Also, the aisles were mislabeled.  It could be that they are moving things around, but it was tricky for a newcomer like me.  Hopefully, they will fix this.  Next time, I will try Marianos to see what they are like.

As we walked to the car, Abs says, "Look Mom, a peace sign!"  Knowing that she currently has a thing for peace signs (do all 6-8 year old girls go through this phase?), I turned to look at it.

I sincerely hope that we may all have this kind of peace for ourselves.

I know you have been waiting for it, so here is tomorrow's lunch.

Colby/Jack cheese twist thingy

Rooty Blues Fruit & Veggie Shredz by Plum Organics - These are corn syrup free, organic snacks.  This particular one is apple, pumpkin, kale, carrot, blueberry and cherry.  Wow!  I hope she likes them.

Pumpkin candies

Sesame sticks

Honey baked ham

Very Berry applesauce

Granola bar

Sweet potato chips

Sugar free grape juice

and a love note.

I always try to put in fun utensils and just recently added fun napkins.  I feel like it might brighten her day.  She digs this kind of stuff.

Tomorrow, Jules starts at Goddard School (love them!) and she has to eat what they serve.  We will see how this works out.  I love that she will have Spanish and yoga.  Last week, when we visited her classroom, they were making guacamole and salsa.  The next day, when we visited again, they were making bread.  Seems like a fun place for her.  Maybe she will gain some weight.

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Loren St. Peter said...

Good luck Juli on your first day!