Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Abs is in first grade...

This morning, my mom, Jules and I drove the minivan down Mom's loooong driveway so that we could wait for the school bus to pick up my baby.  I cannot believe Abs is going to first grade this year!  I remember clearly the day I found out I was expecting her.  What joyous news!  I had been told for a very long time that I would not be able to conceive children because of advanced (stage IV) endometriosis.  Yet, here she was.  I had lost so many before her - yes, doctors, I was able to conceive over and over again, but I could not manage to grow them so well.  She hung in there and is every bit the precious gift that I knew she would be.  She is me, in miniature.  She is a bookworm, she is chatty, she is girly to the "nth" degree.  She is generous and selfish.  She is sweet and moody.  She is smart and immature.  She is the perfect middle child and can juggle going from the oldest in the house to having an older sister in a heartbeat.  She does not judge (well, anyone but family - we are exempt from the judgelessness) and she is not prejudiced.  She believes in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and the Knot Fairy.  I intend to keep it that way for as long as I can.

I had reservations about putting her on the bus, as did my mom, but we did it anyway.  This afternoon, we walked out the to the end of the looooong driveway and waited for her for an hour.  She got off that bus exhausted, but happy.  Good girl, Abs!  Daddy, Mommy and YaYa are so proud of you.

And for lunch tomorrow...

Sliced oven roasted turkey breast (Oscar Meyer) and sliced muenster cheese rolled up in a corn tortilla
Ken's buttermilk ranch for dipping
dried banana chips
apple juice (Apple & Eve - no sugar added)
pineapple chunks (Dole)
green grapes
Colby and Monterey Jack cheese cubes
Annie's cheese bunnies
sesame sticks
a love note, found on It's Written On The Wall 
Aaaaannnd, here is the BEST lunch tote in the whole wide world (according to Abs) - it is from Thirty One.  I. Love. Thirty. One.

I get most of the food-stuff from Martin's (Mom's local grocer). Tomorrow, though, I am going with Heather to The Fresh Market.  We will see what goodies I can find there... 

Laters, baby. (yes I am reading it, too!)

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