Monday, September 17, 2012

It's All About the Hair...and lunch

So, I found this amazing website that shows super cute hair styles for shoulder length and longer hair.  It is called The Small Things - it's a blog.  I stalk it.  For real.  She also shows us how to put on makeup and even throws together some affordable outfits for those of us who are fashioned challenged (ahem - that would be me).  I have tried a couple of the hairstyles...the Nice Half Up (found in the Knotty and Nice hairstyle tutorial), the Half French Twist, and the High Bun.  Love these - and none of them took me more than 10 minutes (with dry hair).  Yay!!  Tomorrow, I am going to try the Sideways French Twist.  This girl makes me want to cut six inches off my hair and dye it blonde - her hair is soooo cute!  I should start taking pics when I try her styles.  Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Lunch for tomorrow:

This is not the healthiest lunch I have made, by far, but it is fun and sometimes, girls just wanna have fun (anybody else hearing Cyndi Lauper in their head?)

Animal crackers
Homemade sugar-free carrot and raisin cookie sandwich with homemade (not sugar-free) cream cheese icing
Strawberry Splash Go-Gurt
pretzel sticks
Apple-cinnamon rice cakes
Fruit medley: strawberries, pineapple chunks, and red grapes
Oven roasted chicken breast
Babybel cheese wheel
Honest Kids Goodness Grapeness grape juice (sugar-free)
a love note

There you go!

Hey, let me know if you try any hairstyles from The Small Things, ok?


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