Friday, September 28, 2012


Well, after driving for two days, 840 miles, sometimes in the pouring rain, and an exciting and fun lunch with Aunt Loren, Aunt Lou and Uncle Larry in Elyria, we finally made it to Illinois.  Yippee!

Dan, in good Daddy/husband form, had one of these waiting for each of us.

  Each bag had some goodies in it that were personalized to the recipient.  The girls got candy and Halloweenish rubber rat thingys.  I got a beer and dark chocolate - a man after my own heart, for sure!

Lots of stuff happening here.  We went to Jules' school yesterday - Goddard School - and enrolled her and met her new teachers.  She is in the pony room - that's all she needed to know.  She is excited about it and ready to roll.  She talked a lot about Mr. Matt (her teacher at her old school) and they know that he taught her to play Texas Hold 'Em during nap time - holla!  These two ladies, however, have informed me that there will be no gambling, but there will be yoga.  I think Jules is gonna have some culture shock.

We also went to Ab's school and got her registration packet.  We will go back and meet her teacher today.  I have to find those birth certificates.  Ugh.

Then we went to the new house.  I took a video.  It is shaky, as it is from my iPhone and I was walking around, but here is the link to the new digs.

Then we went to pick out paint colors.  Here is what we found from Benjamin Moore's Historical Collection.

Grant Beige

Garrison Red

Saybrook Sage

Woodlawn Blue

What do you think?

Lots to do today.  Off we go.


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