Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Hello there!  

Today was cuh-ray-zee!!!  The moving truck came an hour early - good thing I drove past the house to take Abs to school or they might have been standing out there for awhile.  We are still living in a hotel but only for another night or two.  Then we will be living in our own private home.  Yippee!!

Note to self - when moving from a 3400 square foot home to a 1900 square foot home, it is advisable to get rid of some crap before the move.  We seriously filled up the 2 1/2 car garage from stem to stern and cannot fit another thing in there.  And inside the house?  We look like we belong on an episode of Hoarders.  Tomorrow, I will start on it.  Today, I just stared at it and tried to will it all to go away.  We did get the deck set up though.  That's nice.  We no longer have a grill.  That's a problem.  Also, the sofa is put together and all of the beds are, too.  So there is lots of room, so long as you are seated or laying down.  Walking around?  Not so much.  I will take pictures tomorrow. 

Here is Ab's lunch for tomorrow.  I know it appears to be getting bigger, but now she gets to eat snack at school - her last school did not allow them to eat snack - just lunch at 12:00 when school started at 9:15.  I did not think that was ok, but who am I?  Anyway, now I get to pack more goodies for my baby girl and she gets to eat in the mornings.  Yay!!

Yo Kids organic strawberry yogurt - I freeze this overnight and then put it in her lunch bag in the morning.  Then it is thawed (mostly) by lunchtime.

Whole wheat Ritz crackers

Creamy Swiss cheese spread

Green grapes

An individual, pitted prune

Swedish fish

Chocolate Teddy Grahams

Dried, diced plums

White cheddar Babybel cheese wheel

Annie's Homegrown organic shells n cheese (I make it the night before or the morning of and then heat it up right before I put it in the thermos in the morning.  She says it is still warm at lunch time.

Sweet apple slices

A granola bar

and the ever-present love note

An invitation:  if you are a lurker, please sign in and say, "Hi."  I would love to get to know you, if I don't already and I promise I don't bite - hard.



Caden's Mommy said...

No lurker... Just someone who LOVES that you are blogging again. I feel way more connected with you guys & pee my pants at least twice every post. The chipmunk post was classic though!! Miss you guys xoxo

Loren St. Peter said...

Liar, you do to bite! Haha. Miss ya!

Mindi St. Peter said...

Loren - Ha! I am trying not to scare these people. :)