Friday, October 12, 2012

El Klutzo

This week went by waaaay too fast!  I hurt my back on Monday - just thought I had pulled a muscle on the left side.  By Tuesday night, I knew that it was worse than that because I could not stand up straight.  Also, any twisting movement was very painful and I could not reach my arms in front of me to do anything.  This was very inconvenient, as I was unpacking - trying to make this house more comfortable for us.

Wednesday morning, I called Affinity Chiropractic Center in Libertyville.  They got me in that morning and, through electric stimulation and an adjustment to my spine, I was able to stand up straight again and even cross my arms!  I was still in considerable pain, so Dr. Keith sent me to the Center for Pain Control, where I saw Dr. Hurh.  He set me up with steroids and some pain control medication.  I felt much better. 

Thursday, I fell down the basement stairs.  Not my best moment.  No sirree.

Today, Friday, I went back to Affinity Chiropractic Center and was told that I was going to need chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy for several weeks in order to get myself straight (literally) again.  I have a bulging disc and nerve compression.  Also, two of my discs (one of which is the bulgy one) are deteriorating.  Poop.  I really like my chiropractor and my anesthesiologist - but I wish I did not need them.

Kudos to both of these offices for getting me in right away and on the same day that I called. I would highly recommend both of these places, should you ever need chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture or pain control.  Really.

I have lots to tell you about - our first week of whole foods, the lunches Abs has been eating, and my first experience in joining a PTA.  Also, we WILL have a guest blogger - soon.


Loren St. Peter said...

Ouchie! Hope you get aligned and feel better soon!

Mindi St. Peter said...

Thanks, sister!