Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Busy Weekend

Hello friends, family, stalkers, and lurkers (the last moniker I recently learned has a real definition in the blog world – thank you Wikipedia).  The administrator of this blog has asked yours truly to guest post today’s entry.  Since it has been 2,229 days since I last wrote, and it just so happens to be our 7th wedding anniversary (and I am hoping for some cheap brownie points with the Mrs.), here goes…

The weekend is over already?  It happens every Sunday evening: we get the kids coerced into bed, then plop down on the couch, look at each other, and recount the events of the last two days.

This weekend, like last weekend, and as will be for several weekends into the unforeseeable future, involved a great deal of unpacking.  Don’t get me wrong, Mindi has done a tremendous amount of work getting us to where we are today: eating off Nana’s china and with kids’ plastic zoo animal utensils – that’s no joke, we haven’t found the everyday dishes and silverware yet.  We’ve got about 50 boxes still in the house and a 2-car garage full of more.  If we have any plans to park at least one car in the garage before the Chicago winter starts... ugh, don’t even want to think about it.

So I won’t.  What else did we do this weekend? 

Saturday’s highlight, for the bookworms in our family, was getting our library cards.  Thank you Cook Memorial Public Library.  The kids got complimentary tote bags, and saw to it that they were filled up with books, music, and movies before we left.  Mindi and I chuckled as both kids checked out at the librarian’s counter, each in their own unique way.  Juli first, took each article out of her bag, one by one.  Then, with purpose, slapped her library card onto the counter as if to say, “ok lady, here you go, let’s keep this moving”.  It was much funnier to see in person than I can explain here. 

Then Abby steps up, places each piece onto the counter one by one, much like Juli, but at 1/2 the speed.  And during the entire time, Abby’s carrying on a full blown conversation with the librarian, telling her how we just moved here from Indiana, how we went to the Pumpkin Festival in Libertyville earlier that day, what she had for lunch, her favorite color, her sister’s name, etc., etc.  I’m just glad that both the girls love books as much as they do.  Thank you, Mindi, for encouraging and promoting such behavior.

Today, after we came back from one of Abby’s classmate’s birthday party at the Blast Zone, the girls helped me hang a tire swing on the perfect limb in our back yard.  It really is a perfect limb for a tire swing, probably six inches in diameter, and almost completely parallel with the ground – unfortunately, it is twelve feet high.  Rain and cooler temperatures turned what should be a simple task into a somewhat unpleasant event.  This isn’t your normal tire swing.  This is a horse swing, a tire that’s cut into the shape of a horse.  And it came with directions that aren’t very clear and the fact that the rain soaked the paper didn’t help.  After making a quick trip to visit our new friends at the local Ace Hardware to pick up a slightly longer rope, we got to business: drilling boards, threading rope, tying knots, you name it.  This is a serious project and engineer dad is going to make sure said swing doesn’t fall down.  A refresher on knots was needed, and I resorted to the Internet (where else?) to see what knot I needed to tie, and how to tie it.  The knot of choice: a stopper knot.  Found a really cool web site that illustrates and animates the tying of any knot.

When all was said and done, and the final stopper knot was tied, Abby and I (Juli had left about 20 minutes earlier after getting tired of the rain), let the horse go, to see how it hung.  We looked at each other with somewhat disappointment as the bottom of the tire swing brushed the ground.  Without saying anything, Abby and I looked at each other and knew that we were going to have to finish this task another day.

Our family has a list of “to-do’s” on a giant scrap piece of packing paper duct-taped to the refrigerator.  Anyone can add a “to do” to the list, and they do.  From fixing the doorbell, to hanging a tire swing, to unclogging a slow drain.  For the moment, the list is growing faster than items are being checked off.  In time, the list will shrink, and we’ll settle into this place that is beginning to feel like home.  If you’re interested in helping on the “to do” list, whether you are a family member, a friend, or the lurker, please let us know, we’ll take your help.  We’ll even probably feed you and might, just might, be able to offer you up a bed (that is if we can find the sheets).  Heck, we’ll even let you take a turn on the tire swing!

In closing, the last time I wrote, you read about Abby’s new teeth, two on top and two on bottom.  All of those have come out now and have been or are being replaced by adult teeth.  Today, Abby lost a lateral incisor while eating a piece of honeydew.  The tooth was hanging on by a thread, literally, so it wasn’t going to take much.  We’re proud of Abby, she’s lost five teeth and has pulled out all of them by herself, sans the first tooth. 

Have a great week, and I’ll see you again in 2,229 days (November 21, 2018).  Or maybe sooner, if I need the brownie points again.


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