Monday, October 08, 2012

Jules' 4th Birthday...and Day 1 of Whole Foods

What a day!  Abs had the day off for Columbus Day so we got to spend a rare Mommy-daughter day with each other.  Yay!

We ran around all over the place running errands.  First, we dropped Jules off at Goddard.  She brought a special snack for her birthday, which consisted of the following two items for every child.

Yan Yan Double Cream snacks.  Ever try it?  Sugar overload, but yummo!

The ever-popular Pepperidge Farm goldfish cracker

Then, we went to Target so that Abs could pick out her own special gifts for Jules.  I gave her a price limit and this is what she chose.

Sunburst of the Pony Royale fame

Bloom of the Winx fairies
 These were a big hit!

This girl, my four year old Stinkerbelle all wrapped up in cuteness, was spoiled on her birthday.  She got lots of toys (she loves her new LaLaLoopsy hair doll!), a fun rainbow scratching art book, clothes, a cake and balloons.  What else could she possibly want? Truthfully, I think she was happy that we are all in one place and that we stayed home.  She is a bit of a homebody, this one.  Hard to believe that four years ago she looked like this.

Daddy with his littlest girl

Momma with her sweet baby chica

Today, we started eating healthier - now that I have found a few pots and pans and have been to the grocery store.  Speaking of grocery stores...this is the best one I have ever found, second only to Wegmans.  It is fabulous!  Lots and lots of produce, a bulk aisle, and a cafe that serves gelato.  Really??  If you don't have a Marianos, I am sorry.  If you do, then you know of what I speak.

Sooooo, I got up super early and made a whole foods kind of breakfast.

Whole wheat banana pancakes

Pure maple syrup - and this is the first time Abs did not have a reaction to syrup.  Hmmm...maybe she is over it, or maybe the real stuff is just better for you!

A fresh D'Anjou pear

Sorry about the butter - Jules was trying to saw it herself.

The pancakes were really good!  I got the recipe from 100 Days of Real Food.  The link is above.  This meal had two fruits, which I like.

Then, for snack, Abby and I had this.

This is plain yogurt, sprinkled with granola, peppered with frozen blueberries and then drizzled with honey.  Heaven in a bowl, I tell you!  One dairy, one fruit, protein and some fiber.

Finally, for dinner, we had this

A baked sweet potato, drizzled with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar (if you please)

Fresh steamed green beans with a dash of salt

Wild caught cod sauteed with butter and lemon juice

Of course, there was cake...from Marianos.  Wow!  It was super.

For lunch, if you noticed that it is missing here, Abby and I met Dan at J. Alexanders.  This was not whole food style and we enjoyed it anyway.  We are not going to miss out on fun stuff so that we can be strict "whole foods" people, but we will try to stick to the healthy stuff most of the time.

That being said, I am not doing the whole foods thing for Abby's lunches.  She enjoys what I send, so I will keep sending it.  It is kind of healthy, right?

Here is what she is taking tomorrow.

Pineapple fruit cup

Fruitables Strawberry-Kiwi drink

Celery stuffed with whipped cream cheese

Strawberry cream cheese and blueberry spreadable fruit sandwich on whole wheat bread

Krinkle Stix

Green grapes

Whole wheat Ritz crackers and creamy swiss cheese spread

A Russel Stover milk chocolate marshmallow pumpkin

and a love note

Until next time.


p.s.  I am not a photographer.  I don't want to be a photographer.  I just have fun taking pics with my iPhone.  Please don't think badly of me for my lack of photography skills.

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