Monday, October 22, 2012

We Are Reading...

Juli is going to learn to read while she is four years old.  Crazy, but true.  It is happening.  She knows the sounds that the letters make, so now it is just a matter of putting them together.  She spends time on Starfall several times per week.  I can't get her off of that program.  Her sisters are readers.  Her mommy is a reader.  She is heading down the same path.  I am a little surprised by this, since she is so different from the rest of us, but this past year has strengthened our bond immeasurably and she is starting to take after me.  I won't apologize for this - I want them to love books.

Yesterday, we read this:

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey

Then we practiced walking and quacking like ducks and played Follow the Leader as ducks.  Then we talked about how a story can be told only through pictures and we retold the whole story just by looking at the pictures and not looking at the words.  She is loving this homeschooling thing.

This girl - she is going to be a reader. Soon.

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