Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Toilet Paper

For some odd reason, Juliana loves to unwind the toilet paper off of the roll.  (Does anybody else's kid do this??)  If she gets enough of it, she will then grab the end and run wildly through the house, thus "TP'ing" our humble home on the inside, rather than the traditional outside method.  This does not bode well for us 15 years down the road.  One of my big fears is that we are going to be the parents that every other kid's parents hate because we can't control our child(ren). 

In a heroic and paternal effort to prevent our family members from becoming social outcasts, Dan recently intervened in such an adventure...

This is Dan holding Juli while trying to teach her that unrolling the toilet paper is a completely unproductive and inefficient activity.  See how Daddy put it back on the roll, honey?  She is obviously a captive participant.

See, Juli?  This is Daddy rerolling the toilet paper - and it is not as pretty as it once was is it?

After he releases her, Dan feels like he has taught his captive pupil a valuable lesson.  Yes, the wise and patient man continues to roll the toilet paper back onto the roll.  The bemused father of three feels that he may have headed this potential problem off at the pass and taught his youngest child a valuable lesson...

If only he could have seen her devilish grin as he let her go...she hasn't learned a darn thing except maybe that Daddy will fix whatever she messes up because she is his baby girl.  Gotta love it.

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