Monday, March 29, 2010

Sometimes It's Just Not Your Day to Twirl

So, in case you have not surmised this on your own, Abigail is a bit of a princess.  A lot of a princess, actually.  She loves all things girly.  The more fluff and glitter, the better.  Kinda funny to see her next to Juli, who is her daddy in a cute little blond toddler girl's body, but I digress.  The other day, I dropped Abby off at school.  She was wearing sparkly blue jeans and a cute purple shirt with ruffles on the shoulders.  This, for her, is a very "plain" outfit, but as there was some glitter and ruffling, it was (barely) passable.  When I came back at the end of the day to pick her up, she was visibly upset.  This is how the ensuing conversation went:

Me: Hi, chickydoodle!
Ab: Hi, mom (lower lip a little droopy, but not officially a pout yet)
M: How was school today?
A: I didn't like it today, mom.
M: Why not?  What happened?
A: Look at Lilly's outfit, mom.
I look at Lilly, who is the picture of cuteness with a little grey dress on that has pink tulle peeking out from the hem of a very twirly skirt.
M: Wow!  That is a cute outfit, Lilly!
Lilly looks at me with a coquettish grin and does a twirl, for which I smile and clap.
A: Mom! (sounding very betrayed and wounded)
M: Whassa matter, hon?
A: How come I did not wear a twirly dress today?
M: You wore one yesterday.
A: I wanna wear one everyday so I can twirl, too.
M: Well, honey, sometimes it's just not your day to twirl.

Mrs. Brooke, who shall henceforth be known as the queen of all preschool teachers, laughed out loud and said that she was "writing this one down".  She thinks it is a saying that could apply to all of us at one time or another.  Sometimes, it is just not your day to twirl.

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