Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok, so Juliana is sick AGAIN - she just finished her amoxicillin on Monday - it is Wednesday and we are back at the doctor because daycare called and thought she might have pink-eye.  Turns out that the ear infection she took ten days of antibiotics for is still there and (urp!) leaking out of her eye.  Poor thing.  But this is not really what I am writing about.  What I am writing about is the booger that will ultimately cause me to abandon my family (for their own good) and move to a small corner of the world to become a hermit.

I was sitting in the drive-thru part of the pharmacy.  This is not a drive-thru window, mind you, but a satellite booth across the parking lot from the pharmacy.  I am a big fan of this drive-thru because it means I can have a sick kid in the car watching movies calmly in the backseat rather than running rampant through the grocery store in an effort to infect everyone they come within 50 feet of.  And it feels more private to me.  I just like it. But I digress...

Ok, so back to sitting at the drive-thru.  Kiddos in the backseat watching Barney (do I hear collective groans???  Let me tell you that when it is eight o'clock at night and you have a sick kid in the car who is up an hour past her bedtime with an ear infection and a fever, Barney is your best freakin friend!!) and I am hanging out up front with the window down (finally!  nice weather for a change!).  Then I feel it - the booger.  It is in the left side of my nose and feels huge!  I think about it for a moment and then realize that I gotta go after it.  And this is not a kleenex booger either - this one will require serious excavation.  Fingers only, my friend.  Any of you who are pretending that you never pick your nose can stop reading here - I don't need no stinkin' liars reading my blog! (wink)  You all know you have picked your nose before, so stop with the fake horror at my actions.

So, I am knuckle deep and really focusing on the task at hand when I look up and there it is...the pharmacy camera.  Staring. Right. At. Me.  Yep - about 12 inches from my face.  Great.  So I jerk my finger from my nose and feel myself turning bright red with embarassment.  What the heck am I going to do now?  I do what comes naturally, of course.  I call my husband.  This is how the conversation went.

Me: Honey?
Dan: Yep.
M: I have a story to tell you.  You ready?
D: Yep.
M: Ok, I am sitting at the drive-thru pharmacy waiting for Juli's medicine and I had a booger.
D: Oh, boy.
M: Yep.  I had to try to get it out honey (in a whiney voice).  It was really bothering me!
D: Ok...
M: So I picked my nose for like a really long time.
D: Oh jeez, hon.
M: And then I looked up and saw the video camera!
D: Oh, no! (giggling hysterically)
M: I know!  What am I supposed to do?  I just know that they are in there laughing at me!!  I am so embarassed!
D: Yep.  I can see that.
M: Oh my god.
D: Hey babe?
M: Yes?
D: They have audio, too.  They can hear you right now.

Well, there it is.  My grand Mindi-moment for the day.  I have to go start packing...

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