Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Day in the Life of Jules...

Jules had her tonsils and adenoids removed last week.  I must say, after some initial reservations about having it done here rather than with the surgeon who did her ear tubes, we really lucked out.  She has had tonsillitis eight times since November, so we were told that we more than met the requirements that insurance has for the removal to be covered.  At this point, even if it had not been covered I think we would have done it...

It has been seven days now and she is finally off the steroids.  She will be on the antibiotics for a few more days and also the pain meds.  Oooooohhh, the pain meds.  She is on hydrocodone mixed with acetaminophen.  I am pretty sure that I could sell this stuff on the street corner and make a fortune.  Wow!  Given its heavy narcotic load, I was tempted to stop giving it to her after a couple of days, but quickly found out that if we even skipped one dose (she has it every four hours) that she turns completely feverish and miserable.  No wonder we have two refills of the stuff, and I am pretty sure it comes in a gallon jug - seriously, it is a large bottle.

Today, she was pretty sprightly, so she went with us to take Abs down the driveway (this drive is about 4 acres long, by the way) to the bus stop.  Then she ran an errand with YaYa (to the tractor parts store, which I am pretty sure Mom would marry if she could) and then came back for lunch.  After eating a bit (she is understandably a bit peckish at this point and she is refusing to eat popsicles) of applesauce and mac & cheese, she decided it was time to play with Mommy.  I dragged out the nail polish and we did a mani/pedi on her.  Here are the results. 

That's right - purple with sparkles.  Was there ever any doubt?

Abby had music today - she loved it.  This consisted of singing a song about following directions and then playing with various musical instruments.  She says she loved the drum.  Great.

For her lunch tomorrow, she will have:

LesserEvil Potato Krinkle Sticks (light sea salt flavor) - gluten, cholesterol and preservative free
green grapes
dark chocolate covered raisins - seriously, is there any other flavor??
Apple & Eve sugar free apple juice
roasted turkey/grape tomato/colby & monterey jack cheese kabobs
strawberry Fruitabu - no sugar people!
Quaker chewy chocolate chunk bar (I know - sugar, but she is a child and she needs a little pick-me-up now and then, right?)

Oh the glory of it all...

And, as a side note, why in the heck are my pictures sideways today??


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