Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arrrrgh...oh, and lunches

While I am not a military spouse, I have great respect for them.  These women (and I guess some men, too) spend an inordinate amount of time without their spouse taking care of the children.  I am lucky - I am at my mom's house for the time being.  We are hoping that the house we have a contract on will settle without a hitch in two weeks and we will finally be on our way and out of Mom's hair.  Dan is missing us and we are missing him - we have been apart since October 3, 2011.  That is a looooong time.  We have seen him on occasion - weekends and holidays (although not all of them), but it is not the same as day to day life with two adults and the kiddos.  Again, thank goodness for Mom!  And, thank goodness for Kylie, who was my "wife" in Bloomington - I do not think I could have gotten through the last twelve months without those two women. 

Anyway, I am cranky because I have had little "regular" sleep as of late - Jules, Abs and I are all sick with some sort of head and chest crud, Jules is two weeks post-tonsillectomy and I am, for some silly reason, trying to work for the last two weeks that I am here.  Really?  Why?  I guess so I can have a little time where I am actually in charge and getting paid for it.  Yeah, we'll go with that.

Today's lunch was not a success for Abs (although I would have loved it).  Here it is.

Seriously, what's wrong with this??  Let me elaborate.

Mott's Healthy Harvest Sauce in Blueberry Delight - winner!

Dried, diced plums - winner!

Red grapes - winner!

Earth's Best Letter of the Day cookies in Very Vanilla - winner!

Whole wheat Ritz crackers - winner!

Laughing Cow Light garlic and herb cheese wedge - not gonna happen.  Really???  I luuuuuurve this stuff!  I mean, it is "lick the wrapper" good!

Oven roasted chicken breast and homemade garlic whipped cream cheese on a spinach tortilla - nope.  Wow!  I felt like I could have won Top Chef with this one!  She did not touch it. Maybe it is because, when we opened the lunch box, Mom and I had to take a step back in order to avoid the garlic cloud.

Grape tomatoes - she fervently wishes never to see one again.

Carrettes - winner!

Apple & Eve apple juice - she could take it or leave it.

Well, I guess 6 out of 10 isn't too bad, but that would be a "D" in school, folks.  This is not something I can live with.

So, tomorrow's lunch looks like this:

Gaaah - sideways!!

Strawberry Pocky (can I have this injected straight into a vein, please?)

Oatmeal and raisin cookie

Pretzel sticks

Mandarin oranges

Strawberry Splash Gogurt (I freeze this overnight and then add it to the lunchbox in the morning - it thaws by lunchtime into a smoothie consistency)

Oven roasted rotisserie chicken breast and colby/jack cheese kabobs

Raisins (wanted Craisins, but could not find them in the pantry)

Red grapes

Strawberries (must buy new ones - these are looking a bit dodgy)

Honest Kids Goodness Grapeness juice - hope she likes this - we have not bought it before, but I love the name

So, let's try again, shall we?



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