Sunday, September 09, 2012


Ok, I know that this is not maybe the most appetizing title, especially given that I will be posting a lunch pic in this post, but I have exciting news!! Jules finally pooped today!  I know, I know.  Big fat deal, lady (right?).  But seriously, she had not pooped for 11 days, people.  The surgeon and nurse mentioned something about the anesthesia slowing down the bowels, but they came to a complete halt!  I really thought we were going to have to go to the emergency room, or at least the fire department (surely one of those big hoses would clear her out).  Really, though, I went to the pharmacy and bought PediaLax suppositories and was fully prepared to use one on her.  I came home with it and gently told her that if she did not poop, she would die.  I then told her that I was going to "put some medicine on her bum" to help her poop. 

After dinner, we resolutely went upstairs (to her bathroom of choice) and as soon as we got in there, she pulled down her panties, climbed onto the potty and loaded that puppy up!  I mean, I had to use the plunger.  We did not even use the suppository (although I firmly believe it worked, as even the idea of it being utilized made her poop).  So, way to go PediaLax!!  WooHoo! 

On to more genteel subjects...

The lunch du jour for tomorrow (is that correct English (or French)?) is made.  Here it is.
 Gaah!  Why are these things sideways???  Anyway, it consists of

Apple & Eve apple juice (no sugar added)
Dark chocolate and yogurt covered raisins from Sunmaid
Strawberry Fruitabu (love these things - who wouldn't eat "smooshed fruit"?
Green grapes
Strawberries - I know, maybe too much strawberry stuff, but these need to be eaten soon, so in they go
Mandarin oranges
Honey baked ham
Cheese cubes (same as last week)
Grape tomatoes
Terra sweet potato chips
Whipped cream cheese on cinnamon raisin bread
and the ever-present love note.

I am seriously considering buying Bento box inserts - any thoughts?


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Loren St. Peter said...

Earth faire (an organic/heath food grocery store) has lunchbox bento boxes. I have threatened to get them for me, as i prefer to not have my food touch. Im not ocd about it anymore, but prefer it. If you want i can check it out again and send one or two :)