Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last Day...

We have been staying at my mom's house while we waited for our new house (new to us - not new new) went to closing.  Well, the big day is Thursday, so tomorrow is our last day in Virginia for awhile.  We came here on Labor Day hoping to only stay for a few weeks, but it turned into four months.  My mom has been more than gracious - allowing the three (ok, sometimes four or five) of us to live here and take over not only her home, but her life.  I am typically not a procrastinator, but I have yet to start packing the car - and four month's worth of gathering food, clothes, books, etc is a lot to pack.  We only came here with two week's worth of baggage.  We have started packing, just not loading.  Ugh.  I know I am procrastinating because it will be a bittersweet departure.  We have loved being here - it is nice to spend a summer with YaYa for sure - but we need to be a whole family again and live under one roof with Dan.  The girls are excited to see him, but I know that they will miss mom, too.

Ab's last day at EES is tomorrow.  She will be starting at RES on Monday, October 1st.  So, this will be the last lunch I will pack for a week or so.  Here it is:

 Diced pineapple
Mott's Berry Applesauce (the girls are loving their flavored applesauces)
LesserEvil crinkle sticks
Ham and Colby/Jack kabobs (Ab's favorite)
Organic orange drink
Whole wheat Ritz crackers
Sweet potato chips
and a love note.

I asked her tonight if she was going to want me to continue making her lunch at RES or if she was going to want to buy it there - I cringed when I asked it because I was not sure I wanted to hear the answer.  She said, "I want you to make it mom - I am just not sure that their lunches are going to be good and I always love yours."  Good answer, baby girl.  For the record, I would let her buy if she insisted upon it, but I am glad that she wants to continue to pack from home.  It may be more expensive, or at least it does not save us any money, but it is healthier, I would think.


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