Friday, November 02, 2012

It Never Ends...

My typical day goes like this:  wake up, put fresh load in washing machine, wake girls up, get them dressed, teeth brushed and hair done, get myself dressed, my teeth brushed, and hair brushed, feed entire family nutritious (whole foods) breakfast (this morning it was homemade granola, organic milk and a banana), get everyone out the door and into the car ON TIME, drive Abby to school by 8:15, get Juli to Goddard school by 8:40, run any errands (today it was a chiro appt, Barnes & Noble (to get my schedule), donation drop-off at Goodwill, grocery store, and then a pick-up at FedEx), go home, move laundry from washer to dryer and fold and put away load that was in the dryer, unload and reload dishwasher - if needed, unpack boxes and decide what to keep and what to donate, everything gets washed before it is put away or donated and items for Goodwill have to be logged for taxes, possibly get some homework done (most of the time though, this happens after the girls go to bed) and eat lunch, then go get Abby at 2:45, go get Juli at 3:30, come home, help Abby with homework and then, while the girls play, unload and reload dishwasher again and move clothes over to dryer, fold clothes that were in the dryer, put them in the hamper to put away later, start fresh load of laundry, start dinner and have it ready when Dan gets home at 6:00 (last night it was pan seared wild caught Alaskan salmon, corn on the cob, fresh, sauteed green beans and homemade whole wheat muffins). 

Last night, while Dan is in the shower, he says to me, "I hope that you are taking advantage of your free time at home and maximizing your productivity."  This is in response to the fact that the house is not completely unpacked yet.  REALLY??

This is my life - I married an engineer.


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Loren St. Peter said...

Welcome to the club :) Not only are they engineers, but brothers. Oy! Sister we are in trouble till we are at least 80!