Monday, November 19, 2012

Tardy Thank Yous (and some lunch pics)

Birthdays are a big deal in my family.  The Boyer women have actually figured out a way to make it a birthday week rather than just a single day - I mean, what's the fun in just one day?

Anyway, here are a few of the things I got...

These guys are from my mom.  She knows how I feel about owls.  I have named them Dumbledore and Gandalf and they have a prominent place in my living room.

The man got me this...

 He is a good boy.  I will keep him, I think.

I also got money towards this

I want this very badly for our bedroom.  I already have the walls painted the right colors and I have the perfect lamps for this.  Just the bedding is missing.  I am slowly amassing enough Pottery Barn gift cards to buy this.  I will have it. 

Still feeding Abby somewhat healthy lunches.  There is usually something sugary included, and they tend to be heavy on the fruits, but I still believe that they are better than school lunches.  Sorry, school lunch ladies.  I know you are trying very hard.  Please don't be mad at me for saying that.

I have fallen behind on posting these, but rest assured, she is getting a lunch from home everyday. 

Day 23

Chinese rice cracker mix
Autumn candy corn
Krinkle Stix
Fruitables fruit/veggie drink
Motts Strawberry applesauce
Chocolate jello pudding
Sugar snap peas with ranch for dipping (she won't touch the ranch)
A prune
Yogurt covered pretzels
Smooshed fruit
A ham and cheese croissant

Day 24

Ghost Peeps
Motts Strawberry applesauce
Krinkle Stix
Rice cracker mix
Rice cakes (apple cinnamon)
Fruitables fruit/veggie juice
Colby/Jack cheese stick
Pretzel sticks with cheese dip
Chewy chocolate chip granola bar
Dried raspberry fruit bites

Day 25
Chocolate pumpkin
Chocolate Teddy Grahams
Whole wheat Ritz crackers with creamy swiss cheese spread
Muenster cheese slices (in Wexy bag)
Sliced apples
Celery with peanut butter
Ham and cheese kabobs
Green grapes
Fruitables fruit/veggie drink

I promise to catch up on the lunches later.  And yes - we are still eating whole foods at home.  We are on week seven.

Here are a few recent pics of the girls.

Juli went with me to pick up the "b'loons" for Abby's birthday party.  They took up most of the room inside the van, making it a very fun place for four-year-olds.

And, finally:

Went on a field trip with Abby's class a few weeks ago.  It was to a pioneer homestead out in the woods.  We traversed a real prairie (man, that grass was tall!) and then got to do fun things like grind corn and make cornbread from it and churn cream into butter.  Very cool.  Here she is peeking at me through a hollowed out log. 



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