Thursday, November 15, 2012


This one has been home for three days with the flu.  Bless her heart.
She still has a fever, so she is not going to school tomorrow either.  Luckily, I only missed one day of work - I am not scheduled again until next week.  Phew.

We are spending lots of time together and we went and picked up some homework today, so productivity is still happening here.

In the meantime, we have been homeschooling along.  I say homeschooling, but is it really homeschooling if they go to school during the day, too?  What would you call it?  Supplementing their education?  How many times can I write "homeschooling" in one paragraph?

We have read these books lately:

Busy Timmy by Kathryn Jackson
The reasons we read this are twofold.  One - I LOVE Eloise Wilkin illustrations.  She drew children better than anyone else, in my opinion.  Secondly, it is a great book for teaching children a proper bedtime routine.  Every time we get ready for bed now, we ask Juli, "What would Timmy do next?"  Wonderful!

The next one we read was this:

Guess Who Lives Here by Louise Woodcock
This is another book illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  This one is great for teaching children how many people/inhabitants it takes to make a household run.  It is not just Mommy, Daddy and the kids.  It is the mailman, the milkman (old book), the pets, etc.  Really cute.

Another Eloise Wilkin that we read is this one:

Baby Listens by Esther Wilkin
Luuurve this one!  We read it because Juli is currently studying the five senses at Goddard School and I wanted to tie our homeschooling into that.  This book talks about all of the sounds in a child's day.  In the end, we got out pots and pans and spoons and had a family band moment.  Loud, but soooo fun.  The girls' faces were priceless and Dan could not believe that I let them make so much noise and use my kitchen stuff!!

The next one took us down memory lane:

Baby Dear by Esther Wilkin
This is a book about a little girl and her new baby sister.  We read it and then went back on Snapfish and looked at our old pics of when Juli was born.  So cute.  There were some pics that paralleled the ones in the book beautifully.  It was great for Abby to get to look back at herself, too.  I may or may not have shed a tear during this lesson...

The last Eloise Wilkin book we read was this:

Baby Looks by Esther Wilkin
In case you are wondering, yes, Esther and Eloise were sisters.  Both have passed on, but what a legacy they left behind!  This is the final book that we tied in to the five senses lessons that Juli is getting.  This one illustrates all of the wonders that a baby sees during his day.  The pictures are precious.  Then, we played a rousing game of "I Spy" so that Juli could teach me what she sees around her.

If you have been clicking on the links for the books, you will see that most of them are not available new anymore and the ones that are available as used books are not cheap.  In order to circumvent this financial obstacle, Sonlight sent us this book.

Eloise Wilkin Stories

All of the above classics are included in this book, plus so many more.  Well worth the money.  Get it while you can.

Finally, we read a modern-day classic:

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault

This is a MUST READ for all children.  It is a fun, rhythmic book that reviews the alphabet in such a fun way.  I think we will be reading this every few weeks or so.  The girls enjoyed it so much that they asked me to read it over and over again right away.

I am really loving this time with the girls at night.  Dan always joins us and it is such a great time for our family.

Off to tend to the girl. 


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