Monday, November 26, 2012

I Read a Book...

and it wasn't a children's book!!

Night Road by Kristin Hannah
This was a good one.  It is about friendships, tragedies, grudges, forgiveness, teenagers, teenage pregnancy, teenage drinking, and being a mother (both good and bad).  Great read.  Emotional.  Give it a whirl.

I am reading another book or two right now, but I won't tell you about them until I finish them, ok?

The kiddos and I read these:

I Hear by Helen Oxenbury
I See by Helen Oxenbury
I Touch by Helen Oxenbury
We read all three of these at once.  These, again, tie into the "five senses" lessons that Juli had in school a few weeks back.  She enjoyed these books and was able to connect them to the knowledge she gained previously.  This, connecting new information to past knowledge, is a huge key to learning.  I love to see it in action.  Those lightbulb moments are priceless.  These are really cute books (board books, and cheap!!) that have only two pictures per spread and boost the reader's self-esteem in that it is very easy for them to read (guess) what the words are saying, since there are only one or two words per picture.  Great for beginning readers.

We are still reading Bible stories, too.  We are up to Joseph in Genesis.  Along with reading Bible stories to Juli, I have even picked up my own Bible and read the "adult versions" just to keep up.  Racy book, this one!  Who knew?

Had a wonderful time with Kylie, Samara and the rest of the family this weekend.  Thanksgiving, indeed.  We gave lots and lots of thanks.


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