Friday, November 02, 2012

We Are Still Reading...

As a part of our Sonlight curriculum, we have read a couple of new books this week.  The first one was this:
"The Doughnuts" from Homer Price by Robert McCloskey

This is a really cute book, and the last McCloskey tale we will read for awhile.  I would honestly say, though, that it is a bit advanced and too long for a four year old.  After redirecting her attention back to it several times, we finally made it through the story, which is about a boy who goes to visit his uncle's diner and is put in charge of making doughnuts.  A hilarious, Lucille Ball-esque situation ensues and...well, I won't ruin it for you.

We are also reading about Abraham and Lot in our bible stories.  Abraham, for those of you who are not aware or cannot remember, is famous for sharing.  Anyway, to tie the two stories together, we, as a family, made doughnuts and glazed them.  Once they were done, Dan and the girls delivered them to some of our neighbors (along with some homemade tomatillo salsa that I had made earlier that day).  The girls received gracious thank yous and also got to experience what it feels like to share on a grander scale than their own toys with each other.

The next book we read was Katy and the Big Snow.

Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Burton
This story is awesome, especially for little girls.  It is about a tractor named Katy who, after all of the snow plows fail during an epic snow, plowed the streets of her town, which allowed for firemen to put out a fire, electricity to be restored, doctors to get to the hospital, etc.  It is a positive role model for little girls by showing them that Katy is the best at what she does.  Also, she does not quit, even when she gets tired.  Good read!  After we read it, we talked about all of the things we like to do when it snows as a family.  Apparently, I am the "lodge bunny" of the group, which for those of you who know me, should not come as a surprise.


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