Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mother's Day Rocks!

I have always been a holiday person. Every holiday is my favorite. Valentine's Day is great because we get the sparklies and the smell-goodies and the lacies from our husbands. They, in turn, get some small tokens of affection and a WHOLE lotta lovin'! Easter is fun because we have a small person in the house just old enough to be excited about it. This year was Sissy's first time starting to understand what Easter is all about - which for a three year old means dressing up in her "princess" dress and getting a basket full of toys and candy (we went easy on the candy, though). In fact, in her mind, going to church on Easter Sunday is just a way to gain an audience so she could twirl around in her dress. The people at Towson UMC were kind enough to make copious, kind comments and look awed in her presence. She responded by bestowing them with her sweet "princess" smile and twirling yet again. (It needs to be said here that she was picked up off of the ground more than once that day for her twirling endeavors.) May Day is fun because it is a reason to drink. There is also some historical significance to this day, however I do not think the average Joe knows what it is. But he does know, I can almost guarantee you, that you are supposed to drink on that day.

Chronologically, this brings us to the newest holiday on my calendar. Mother's Day. Having only produced my first child six months ago, this is my first time getting to celebrate this holiday Let me just say that it ROCKS! There is much attention, food preparation and gift giving on this day - all in my honor. How could a holiday be any more fun?? That being said, I am very fortunate to have a husband who spoils me rotten on such days. It all started out with me sitting straight up in bed at 10:00 - HOLY COW! I do not remember the last time my eyes stayed shut beyond 6:30. After an initial moment of panic (Why didn't the Abster call to me for her typical 6:30 feeding? What was wrong?) I realized that I could hear her and her Daddy playing downstairs. I got up and mozied on down to be greeted by four gifts on the mantle and a smiling hubby and baby. How nice! We had a light breakfast and then sat down to present the queen (that would be me) with her gifts. I used to be the princess, but Sissy currently owns that title. I digress. Gift number one was from the Abster. Daddy and Tiff (the best babysitter in the whole wide world - I am not kidding! She has twin girls and still finds time to come and watch our little one, and brings puppets to boot!) had staged a photo session of Abster in her mommy's current favorite outfit laughing hysterically at something unseen by the rest of us (which, it turns out, was one of the aforementioned puppets). Dan put this into a hinged frame. On the other side of the frame were handprints in clay of her little six month old paws. This is a precious picture, but you don't really get to see it here because it is on Dan's camera and so it is not on the computer.

I would have been happy with just this, but there were more gifts to open and I did not want to disappoint my family. So, on to gift number two. This one was from the dog. Dakota knows that I am a voracious reader, so she got me a gift certificate to Borders. Great gift. Perfect. 'Nuff said.

Gift number three was from Dan. It is an outfit from Coldwater Creek. Long, flowy white eyelet skirt and turquoise shirt. Very pretty. It fits and I will be modeling it for you in the near future, when it is warmer.

Gift number four was also from Dan. This was a stunning diamond pendant. It actually matches my engagement ring. It is, in my opinion, breathtaking. The picture does not do it justice.

So there you have it. My first official Mother's Day. The bar has been set very high, I must say. How is he going to ever be able to top this? How am I going to be able to do it justice on Father's Day? Guess I better get crackin'.

As a post script to this entry, I want to say that we are not overly materialistic people. Either one of us would be happy with a card and some heartfelt words, but ya gotta admit - gift are just so much fun to give and receive!

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