Monday, May 15, 2006

Cross Stitching and My Other Addiction

Ok, so the Abster is 26 weeks old now and just a pound (or three, depending on the brand) away from crossing into the 6-9 month category for baby clothes. So, today I go downstairs and get the clothes out of storage that my cousin sent me. It is a box about as big as a 13 inch tv, so not too big or overwhelming, and she has the same taste in clothes as I do (Baby Gap, Gymboree, Little Me, etc.) so it is wonderful that she sends me this stuff when her daughter is done with it. It is all in really good condition and some of it still has tags on it! After I dragged the box out and re-washed everything in it, as it now smelled like it had been in a box for several months, and brought it all upstairs, I went to the basket and toybox full of new clothes that my mom, Dan's mom and I had bought for Abster. I laid it all out on the bed so I could start sorting through and organizing it. I think we have a problem.

This is a picture of part of the bed - the whole thing would not fit into frame, but you get the idea. My cousin's clothes are not even in this picture! Ummm...we live in a fairly small townhouse in the city and the closets are miniscule. Abster does have a changing table/dresser in her room, but it is not nearly big enough to fit all of this. The first step is admitting your addiction, right? Ok, here goes. I am addicted to buying clothes for my daughter. She cannot possibly wear all of the clothes that she has. Dan is going to kill me! Luckily, I have a kind neighbor who is going to come over and try to help me get this organized and put away. Also, she is 32 weeks pregnant with a girl, so she may end up just having to take some of this home for her daughter.

As promised, here are pics of how far I have come on the three cross stitch projects on which I am currently working. First of all, I finished A Child Was Born last Friday. Yay! Here it is, ready to go off to the framers tomorrow. The next time you see it, it will be framed and hanging up in her room!

Next, here is the beginning of Summer Stack. Obviously, I have a lot farther to go here, but working on this piece in almost exclusively overdyed threads is so much fun! I love the variation of the colors as I stitch along... I am doing this on 32 count hand-painted linen. The picture does not do it justice. It starts out a beautiful sunny yellow and then fades into a sea blue. Gorgeous fabric!

Finally, I just started The Petal Fairy. I am not even 100 stitches into it yet, but the fabric (32 count Lavender Bliss linen) is prepped and I have started the first color, which is the pale green part of the stem of the flower on which the fairy is sitting.

That's it for now. Gotta go work on the closet.

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Marty said...

My wife Michelle is also a Gymboree fanatic. We have literally 30 boxes of clothes in our basement!

See you guys this weekend!