Monday, May 08, 2006

Goals, the Forklift and the Glasses

I am a list person. I like to have a list for just about everything. Books I want to read. Movies I want to see (although Netflix pretty much keeps that list for me). Names I want to give to children (I have way too many of these, so if you are lacking for names, just shoot me a comment and I will respond posthaste with copious suggestions!). Groceries we need to buy. Things we need to do around the house. Even what I need to pack for our trip to Kansas next month. But you know what I don't have a list of? Cross stitch projects that I want to finish. This list would be pages and pages long, I think, so I will just start with what I want to get done in May. This is a very short list.

  • Finish "A Child Was Born" (Lizzie Kate sampler)
  • Start "Summer Stack" (Waxing Moon Designs) and get it halfway completed
  • Chatelaine Mystery IX - get January and half of February done (just got the chart emailed to me today, so I have a lot of catching up to do here)
  • Start something for Andrea, our next door neighbor, and her baby

That's it. This is a very lofty list for me, as I also stay home and take care of a baby, a dog and a husband. :)

Speaking of my husband. Here is a funny pic of him from this past weekend. Notice anything kinda different? How about those glasses? Yep. They fell out of his pocket at work and got run over by a forklift. At least his face wasn't in them. I have to say that we got a pretty good laugh out of them when he got home and showed them to me. We weren't laughing so hard when we had to pay for the new ones at Lenscrafters on Saturday, though. They are kinda cool - a little trendy, but not too trendy. They are by DKNY (the unisex collection).

By the way, every Monday I want to post a pic of my cross stitch progress for the week, so here goes... I still need to put in the date, and then this piece will go off to the framers to be completed. Yay!

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The Daring One said...

I am totally a list person too, but not nearly so ambitious.