Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Catching Up

Things have gotten pretty hectic here as of late.  The substitute jobs have started to pour in and I have even been specially requested for a few.  I have cut my shifts at Barnes and Noble down to two or three per week.  While I miss working there more often, I am enjoying the time at home with Dan and the girls.

Recently, we have had some visitors.  Kylie came in for her birthday and St. Patrick's Day weekend.  She got to ride the Metra by herself for the first time.  This was an adventure for her, and Dan was there to put her on the train.  He is a good host.

Then, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Liz and Max came in for a visit. 
Jeff playing mandolin and Max playing fiddle while Liz watches and listens

Max (Matt) is a great fiddle player.
They were really here for a bluegrass festival, but the girls would like to thing that they solely came to see them.  We went to the festival to see what all the fuss is about and found it mesmorizing.

Jeff has a soft spot for our girls, I think...

So does Liz!

Bluegrass music just makes Abby want to dance!

Then, Dan, the girls and I took Max to Legoland for the afternoon.  I don't care how old you are, everyone loves to sit down and play with Legos.  Seriously.

Juli is tickled pink by this Lego man.

Dan, Max and the girls.

Max loves Star Wars, so we had to take his picture with R2D2.

Ok, I might like Star Wars, too.

Could not pass up the chance to have my picture taken with one of my favorite literary characters.  Do you know which one he is?

Daddy playing with our not-so-little girl.

In homeschooling, we have been focusing on science.  The girls have been learning about the human body.  This has been fascinating for them and I really think they like it.  Juli has been taking the book to bed with her each evening and lifting the flaps to look at all of the parts.

Samara is coming this weekend and next week Aunt DeDe and Uncle Craig will be here, too.  Fun!!

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