Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowy Days and Make-Your-Own Pizza Night

Winter is full upon us here in Bloomington.  We have between four and five inches of snow on the ground and more is supposed to be coming this weekend.  One would think that we would get a lot of snow here in the midwest (at least that is what I thought when we moved here), but we really don't in southern Indiana.  It was well-timed though, because Samara was here for a little of it and Dan took the girls outside to enjoy it.

Then we hosted "Make-Your-Own-Pizza" night for the girls.  They had a blast, except for Juliana, who I am pretty sure was pissed that she did not get one of her own.  She could only be placated by being given every last black olive off of everyone's pizza. 

The girls really enjoyed each others' company this weekend - we were glad to have them all together.  Can't wait to have them all here under one roof again come Memorial Day.

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