Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow Day

We are currently experiencing a snow day here in Bloomington - really pretty much all of Indiana - so the girls and I are at home. Here is a snow pic from this morning from the front door.

And one from the back door. So, not a lot of snow, but enough to enjoy.

As expected, the girls are growing at a rapid rate. Juli is 16 months old now, and a whopping 17 lbs! Despite her diminutive size, she is asserting her "big girl" attitude and insisting on feeding herself and is drinking from a sippy during the day. We are a little behind on this, I know. Sometimes I think, since she will be our last one, I just want to keep her as a baby forever. One of her favorite pasttimes is talking on the phone to Ya Ya. Here are some pics from her most recent conversation.

Like her mother and the mother before her, Juliana paces when she talks on the phone.

Sometimes, though, she will just relax in her blue Care Bear chair.

And, finally, our littlest big girl feeding herself some yogurt. Messy, but a necessary skill that she must hone before she gets married.

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