Monday, June 19, 2006

We Interrupt this Broadcast...

Just wanted to let all of our ravenous fans know that we will be out of town for the next several days. Abster and I are leaving on Tuesday to go to Mom's in Richmond. On Wednesday she (Mom, not Abster) will be having the other half of her epic dental surgery and we will be on the road to Oz on Thursday at the hiney-crack of dawn.

Dan will be kenneling Dakota (do we hear collective groans on her behalf?) We are not too happy about doing this, but our neighbors who normally take care of her are going to be just arriving home with their new baby and we felt badly asking them to care for our lovable pooch whilst adjusting to having a very small, yet needy human at home, so we did not ask and we are taking her to a doggy hotel. No doubt, WE will be the ones in the dog house when we get back.

Anyhoo, Dan will be leaving to meet us in Oz on Friday. He is flying back on Tuesday of next week and then Mom, Abster and I will begin our long drive back on Thursday or Friday, putting us back in Richmond late the next day and then I will likely recuperate there for a day before heading back up here with the little one. The only reason I would come straight back is if we had a contract on the house or something....

We will return in a week or two. If I can post from Oz, I will certainly do so. Otherwise, you will hear back from us around the 4th of July or so. Later, gators.

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