Friday, June 16, 2006

Dan's Time of the Year

Sorry I have not written in so long. This has been a crazy couple of weeks. First of all, I took Abster and went down to Chester to help my mom out after dental surgery (hers, not mine). She came through it, humor intact, and was back in full "Gamma" mode just 24 hours later. Gotta love her stamina. There will be no pictures posted of this event, as I value my life.

Dan's birthday came next. The big three-two. The highlights of it were that I brought him Burger King to the office (which is exactly what he wanted, thank you) and that mom made him a chocolate cake, which was also consumed at the office. It needs to be stated that he did not bring even the tiniest piece home to share with the wifey and princess. Knowing his humungoid sweet tooth, mom had the foresight to make extra and we had some of our own at her house before I left! I should note that he did share the cake with his co-workers, so that is good.

Abster was more than happy to chew voraciously on the envelopes from his birthday cards and generally make it difficult to open his presents. He was glad she was there and they had fun. His fun was getting the presents and her fun was that every time he would open a gift, she would throw it on the floor.

The last of the big news is that little Abster is now occupying space on the planet in an upright position. Go, you crazy, sittin' girl, you! We are so proud. What is even cooler than that is that she sat on her own for the first time while she and I were in the Sears portrait studio getting surprise photos taken for Father's Day, so he will be getting a professional photo of his youngest babe's first upright moments. Kewl.

Don't ask about the stitching progress. Just don't ask. Worked a little on the Mirabilia piece. That's it.

Just a teaser for the next blog - we have been house hunting in Frederick and found something we may really like, our home in Baltimore is on the market, Dan and Sissy are spending the weekend together in Latham, NY (close to Albany) and I am attending a birth tomorrow. Later.

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