Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Water, Water, Everywhere

Last week, we had the worst bunch of rain that I have ever experienced.  It came down in buckets and lasted for days.  Last week, we found out that we don't have a sump pump.  Last week, my basement ceased to exist on the level that we had known it before.  Last week, my kiddos lost their playroom.  Last week, we lost a full bathroom.  Last week sucked.

This week, we have a dry basement, sans carpet and padding.  This week, I have my washer and dryer back.  This week, we have a guest room (although no guest bath right now).  This week is better than last week.

It appears that this blog may start to take on a home-improvement angle.  I will post photos soon.  It is not pretty.


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Liz Boyer said...

Sorry this happened. It's awful when the weather turns so bad it destroys part of your home.